The now page is an idea coined by Derek Sivers. While an “About Me” page is a snapshot of my background, this is intended to give you an idea of my current projects and focus. It gives you a window into my life, and it gives me accountability to my projects.

  • Working on two projects as part of my PhD thesis:
    • I’m examining alternative sum-rule analysis methodologies and utilizing fundemental integral inequalities to limit the available parameter space.
    • Using Bayesian statistical methods as an alternate means of analysing QCD sum-rules.
  • One of my New Year’s resolutions is to approach my cooking/brewing habits with a little more scientific precision; I’ve started a cooking journal in which I’ll track my recipies, cooking successes, and cooking failures more closely. I’m hoping this will lead to more consistency in my cooking, and allow myself to share my experiments more readily.
  • My brother and I are continuing to brew meads. Before Christmas we bottled our first full-strength mead using local University of Saskatchewan sour cherries as flavoring in the secondary fermentation.
  • As luck would have it, we also were provided quite a few cider apples this year from the University of Saskatchewan Horticulture Club. My brother and I have been leading a few casual sessions on introductory brewing, and as such we have about 100 litres of hard cider waiting to be bottled.
  • I’m spending a significant time (four months total) in Guangzhou, China this year as part of a research collaboration with Sun Yat-Sen University.
  • With all the talk about privacy and the ethics of big data, I’ve been increasingly interested in moving away from corporate data silos. I’m particularly interested in the IndieWeb movement, and have been researching how to incorporate the mindset into this site.

Last updated: May 20, 2018

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