The now page is an idea coined by Derek Sivers. While an “About Me” page is a snapshot of my background, this is intended to give you an idea of my current projects and focus. It gives you a window into my life, and it gives me accountability to my projects.

  • I’m beginning to wrap up my doctoral degree, but I still have a few projects on the go
    • Writing my dissertation is a project in itself.
    • I’ve been looking at light hadrons recently, and especially the facinating open question of the scalar mesons below 2 GeV. I recently created a short presentation in Tableau about this as part of my dabble into data visualization tools; take a look!
    • I’m applying for jobs both inside and outside of academia, so if you’re hiring, take a look at my CV.
    • I’m teaching Statistical and Thermal Physics in the Winter term starting in January, so I’m prepping for that now.
  • Over the last year, I’ve kept up a cooking journal of my projects, recipes, and experiments that I try. I’ve been diving into fermentation, especially through the new Noma fermentation cookbook. It was an especially productive year at our university’s horticulture club, and when I ran out of ideas on how to process my produce, I pretty much just lacto-pickled everything.
  • With all the talk about privacy and the ethics of big data, I’ve been increasingly interested in moving away from corporate data silos. I’m particularly interested in the IndieWeb movement, and have been researching how to incorporate the mindset into this site. I’m working on implementing webmention and micropub functionality on this website…soon.
  • I recently ran my first 10km run here in Saskatoon, and I’ve committed to doing Tough Mudder 2020 to improve my fitness this year.

Last updated: November 1, 2019